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Here is a little from

some of my own part

of our lovely life so far.

I am Rehabilitating with this company that now is named nytida.

So I am there on every normal week day, and I also have this company nytida as a link to this picture here below. Ok

First now my quick-web is mainly in English, and later I plan on letting all choose what language they want to read my web-site in.

_ I guess I might not be able to have all languages to choose from, but _
_ I think I will at least have several large languages out of _
_ all to choose from. OK _


First in my life I went to our normal ground School here in Sweden, and I did not know what work to aim for or to choose when I came to our ninth grade, when I was supposed to choose what job I wanted.

So I asked my parents what they thought, and they recommended me going to Chef school, so too cook food and becoming a chef was what I then first was aiming for.

And I happen to get hold of a work through where I had been practicing in school, and I think I can have got my job there through my older sisters boy friend then some how.

So I worked for this rental company for a few years in different positions, because I think I was first installing the product at the customer's home, and then showing them how to use it correct.

When I also then helped out in the store helping people getting what they wanted.

So that was why I also got the selling education, to help out in store when it was needed, and I think it also helped that I knew how to use most of the products we had.

And I had my hobby to go diving, with my friend Kjell and a few other friends some times, we went diving in many nice different places and we added our education and took Advanced and Rescue and Divemaster certificate, so next was to become a PADI Diving instructor.

And all time I saved money for this trip I had planned to do around on our planet, but I was first bound to go in our compulsory army, so after saving a bit of money from my job, I had to go to the army for 14 or 16 months that was a bit longer then normal, because I was put there to be a group leader.

A bit more then a year I know I was bound to be in our army, and I also then saved a little more money then from the army for this trip I had a plan to do, and go out traveling around by my self and see our world.

But first I felt I wanted to jump parachute, so I tried my best on the test to become an
elite parachute reconnaissance soldier.

But because I have not been running a lot, so my condition was not good enough, but they liked my personality and set me as a group leader, so I became a normal reconnaissance group leader soldier.

And here ar some pictures from my life, with a little explanation about the picture.

This was from 1991 when I was in our compulsory army as a reconnaissance
groupe leader, and I was there about 14 months in our army, and on this picture I am in our four wheel drive terrain car.
And I got the grade X, 8, 8 for being a reconnaissance groupe leader a SGRPCH.
Spanings Grupp Chef = SGRPCH = Reconnaissance Groupe Leader
And the higest grade anyone could
get in our army was: X, 9, 9
And I really felt I did as good I could, but I first only got the grade X, 8, 8.

This picture here above is in Thailand 1993 when I then just had been the IDC and succeeded that coarse so I then became PADI diving instructor nr: 71877.
And IDC = Instructor Developing Coors
And the Picture here just above this text is linked to this Kon-Tiki web-siteOk

This is from when I was in our compulsorily army and when I then stood guard at the Main Stockholm Castle on the main way in, and this I did in the end of my compulsory army time. And our king of Sweden have the web site at:


And for a while I rented this bike then on PUKET when I was there.


This I think now is from when I then where out diving and was working as a PADI dive master for Kon-Tiki there in Thailand, just before this IDC that I was booked to bee on in this Kon-Tiki there in Thailand on Phuket.

And I Think it look like I here have the Iceland named "Ko Poo" in the
background, we had a place to dive there with a coral reef that I think is nice.


And I have written this "In Indonesia 1992", because I thought so then. Sorry!
I think now it was 1993. Ok

Because it was on my trip around our earth 93-94, after Thailand and Malaysia, I then went to Singapore.

And with other Back-packers I liked I went with them to Indonesia and traveled around first on a boat going around to many Islands, and then when I think it was on Jawa I was next to this nice statue with a boner I felt was amusing, so I got this picture.

And after Indonesia I had to go back to Singapore to then go on my flight to Philippines as I had my ticket to and travel around a bit, also some diving there in the Philippines I felt was nice.


And on my trip then after the Philippines I went to Sidney in Australia, and here I am 1993 in Australia
with my first guitar, and I think I am in CooGee Bay Back-packers where I first
stayed when this picture must have been taken.
When Patrick then was teaching me to play.
_______________________________________________________________________________________ Then in Australia in Sidney it was The Gay Mardigra that was a parade going through Sidney 93 ore 94. I think it was 93. When I then saw a tent that had text on the side of that tent, and it said. "We see your future."
And it was "The Gay Mardigra" So I wondered what amusing thing do they do?
So I then walked in to that tent with woman there, and I asked her what they do you do in here?
Then a woman said something like:
"We see your future and we try to help you and find what is correct for you to do."
So then I directly just walked out of there, because I do not have money to pay for amusing lie´s, becaue that was the only thing I thought it could be.
But then I heard boys "that I felt" did not know I was there, and they where in my own age and they talk about the predictors like they where real, and how their life was better after they did what they said they should do.
So then felt I had to hear what they said to people, so I could understand how anyone could believe their lie like it could be true.
So I went in that tent again it said "We see your future." on the side of it, and pied the expensive fee for a what I felt must be a lie.
Mainly because I did not think it was possible in the reality to predict like that and I felt I knew it had to bee a lie, so I then got too hear their lie and possibly then understand how someone could believe it could bee true. _________________________________________________________________________________________ But first then the woman said was: "Ooo am I the one that get to meet you?"

Then I think I laughingly answered that to her and said:
"Yes! It"

I felt what she said to me was for me to think that "I was known by them", and then she also talked about my good grade from the army and my trip around our earth, and she also said that I will in USA close to the The Grand Canyon meet a "native amerikan" an Indian person that will know who I am.
And she talked about my life close to an hour about things that had happened, and things that will happen.
The things that has happened was possibly correct, but the things that will happen, I felt could not happen as she said, so I felt to her lie about my life that have happened was just coincidence that it fitted in to her lie I felt.
But I felt it felt amusingly good to hear her lie, so I thought that was why they are allowed to bee there.
And later then in USA when I was close to the The Grand Canyon, I happen to see a few native Indians that I wanted to talk to, so I walked towards them.

And then one Indian pointed at me and said: Something like a name?

And then all of them just ran from me, so I felt sad because I then felt I wanted to talk to the real Indians.
But I had then no memory of what the predictor had said to me earlier, because I have then not felt that lie was anything to remember.

And what the predictor said I felt was just to make people feel as good as I felt in a amusing illusion way, when they said good to all about all in a illusion way that even I thought and felt must be OK for all if they do.
And first I went one time a few day´s to New-Zealand to just stay with my friend Patrick 's relative for a while just to get a new tourist visa to stay longer in Australia. Because my first tourist visa was about to run out, so I was told I had to do so to get it legal for me then to stay a longer time in Australia. And after I had almost been there as long I was allowed to in Australia I went to New-Zealand again then Tahiti and then to USA. And first I came to California and I rented a car there and I drove Past The Grand-Canyon

"When I then saw what I thought was real Indians so I wanted to talk to, but they ran from me."
And I only then close to The Grand-Canyon got a CD from a normal tourist store named, that someone there told me was from the real Indians of USA.
SACRED SPIRIT. Nr: CDVY 2753 Virgin Records
"Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans"

And I then drove to and then out from Florida Key west and then up to New-York to the exchange student we had to Sweden first time when I was only about 10 years old, and I came to their home in new-Jersey where I had been when I was about 14 year old.

And then we went onetime to the top of one of the Twin-Towers, what a great view of New-York I got to see from there.

Why we then could go up there, was because my friend the exchange student named Durga and his younger brother named Brani both worked there then.

And after that I went from New-York to London, for a quick stop and then it felt good to go back home to Sweden again and meet my family and friends that I had not seen for as I then felt was a long time.

And this was 2016 where I now also most often sit on Nytida, where I now rehabilitate here in Stokholm in Sweden.

KON-TIKI Diving & snorkeling center

And in this Kon-Tiki Diving center in Thailand, I was on the IDC on the island PUKET, so I then also became Medic First Aid & OWSI nr: 71877
But first I bacame OWSI = Open Water Scuba Instructor

And just click on Kon-Tiki Diving center here above, &
then you come to this KON-TIKI web site. Ok


PADIProfessional Association of Diving Instructors®.

And my Diving certification as an instructor for Open Water and Medic First Aid: is with my certification nr: 71877 that is from this PADI, that I also have been told is the largest education center that then existed.
And if you just click on this PADI here above, then you come to this PADI web-site. Ok

Heli Scenic


I got to help this Company that is now linked here above, that was the company that I then got to help, that then was named Sidney Heli-scenic. And I was getting customers for their flights and got commission, when I then also was practicing playing didgeridoo and getting training for muscular to make sound correct while learning to play on my own then in Australia bought blood-wood didgeridoo. When I was outside of this Sidney Opera house, when I then also was with that sign from then Sidney Heli-scenic on the ground next to me.

Because first of all I was there to play on my didgeridoo, because my Aboriginal friend Allan Dargin and my Maorie friend called "Skip" had told me to do, to really learn and get the muscles in my mouth to play well on a didgeridoo, when I then happen to help this someone from then"Sidney Heli-Scenic" with their sign, when they then asked first about me and why I was there.
And then they asked if I could help them getting customers, that they also then told me that I will get commission for all the customers I got for them to the flight's they had going, and otherwise had empty on their already booked flight's that was going.

That I did for them when I also then was improving my didgeridoo playing, it was also because I was told it was legal because they had first asked me for help, so it was then legal for me to help them with what they needed help with.



My Aboriginal friend Alan Dargin that also helped teaching me to play didgeridoo, he had already then given out this CD named BloodWood that I bought from him, and it is at:

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