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First of all we all are energy and in our own soul we all create the way our own soul will feel, and from what your soul has done before is from where main of all your own feelings come from.

So also animals can automatically want to help correct if they have helped like that before, because of their own soul energy that is there instinct, but they ar weak energy that does not understand why?

So they do now have little value outside getting to be good healthy food, but we still have to treat them and the nature correct when we make some of them to become food.

Animals do also have a soul, and the nature in the reality is the creator of all life, and in the reality all just even it self out as correct it automatically can with what we do here in the reality?

While animals are alive they normally then just create the energy the way they feel like, because of what they have done correct before, and then they are normally only helping there partner. = Instinct

And they mainly want to eat to survive, because they know it feels good. And humans most often feel it is correct to help, so we then most often do help correct, because in our soul we feel that is correct.

And often now most human people want money to do good for other people, because we now feel that is correct as well.

Because to live and work for money is the best way for all in how to live correct in a civilized way, as most of us all ar now already working correct for all because of money and then also pay the tax. Because the tax is for all to work correct for all, with all different help that can be needed for the society to work.

So that is why people earlier here on our earth have started making money, because we then felt that was correct for all.

Because most of us all live as correct we can understand, and also because we feel like it.
= Our soul energy is automatically trying to lead us to earn more energy correct.

Because we have earned energy correct, is also why it feels correct.

That is why life now is most often good for all even though all do not yet know about this important good part of the reality, that I now know I will succeed to inform all correct about this fact.

Because I know life will get to be better for all then later, when we all ar trying to make life as good for all as life can be.

Then when nobody is hurting anyone knowinglyAs you probably understand as well.

So money has never been bad, because money does exist most people ar now working for money, and then we ar creating energy correct while we then earn money as well the correct way.

And now because some people have saved so much money they can help many others with some of that, then make their own life better because they have the power of that money.

But if you now give some people money, then they might do wrong with that power, so try to help as correct you can without giving them the power of money to do wrong with. Follow your feeling of doing correct for all.

I feel good helping organizations is safer to give money to, because they know how to help correct.

Just make sure it is a GOOD helping organization before you give them any money, because I know that is how some criminal people can try to fool people, so they get money.

And I feel if the government know about them helping correct, then I feel now I could trust them.

The government can also have been fooled, but they are trying to help all correct. Because the government works for us all, they never want to hurt us.

That is why I want to listen to the government first, and then I feel I can trust my feeling because of why the government can have said about why they trust them?

If you know something that is wrong, then I think you should inform your guvernment about what you think is wrong, so they can correct it if they also think something can be corrected by them to do as correct they can for all in their part of society.

And crime will always hurt us all if we let it be, so we now have to have police to work against some of our self. = The criminal people.

Because as long as some people want to do wrong and do wrong against someone, we have to have police to try to prevent them from doing wrong against anyone.

The police should not have to work against anyone, because we all should help all correct for the best for all of life, so that the police then only will help all with correcting mistakes and accidents.

Because the reality is always the same for all here in the reality, what ever any body know.

Ore what ever anyone is thinking, because we all can now be thinking in many different ways. How we all started was that we first where led by our instinctīs, so we then most often did what was correct.

Then when we had created so much energy correct that our own energy ="our soul" got to comprehend that we existed.

And we started to follow our feelings, and after a long time we started making money so we all easy can live correct.

And important for all is that no humans get hurt from what is done, that is what is most important for all humans in how to live correct for all, and when you ar correct helping someone.

Then when you ar creating energy correct, you then also automatically stringthen your own soul as well.

So you then have more energy power to live with, so you can do more and feel more. = Having a better life.

And when someone is creating energy, then they can first automatically get tired whatever they are doing, but if it was from creating energy correct fore someone ells. Then they will get their strength back sooner, because their soul then automatically can faster live correct again with full control.

Because we all ar as one in life here in the reality, because all matter in the reality was automatically created as one by the reality.


With the start of time, as we know it, in what we also call The Big Bang!


Before The Big Bang! there was no matter, so there is nothing we know about that could change because of time. So that is why time did then not exist, as far as we know from what we can see in matter we can see.

Well that was the creation of all matter in the universe, which we know exists. And outside of that, we do not know what is there. But I feel we think nothing is there, and I do now feel it is that nothing that is the pulling power that first started it all with The Big Bang!

I feel it is fairly logical, nothing want something, so the empty space is pulling for anything to be there.

Because where there is nothing, that emptiness has no resistance, so that is why it always is pulling for anything to fill the emptiness. But obviously here where we ar in between matter, that nothing is never pulling because the gravity force is here that also nothing still is pulling for.

The spark for The Big Bang! I feel must have been the time of nothing in the reality. Because I know that the reality is always the same, and the time of nothing must have been building up the tension that when it came to the limit it just burst in to " The Big Bang! " that level out that tension in nothing by creating all of the matter in the reality.

Because in the reality all things just has to level out, as correct all things can level out automatically.

So human life is on many other planets as well in the whole universe, but they will not let all here to know about them when they come here, until we all here know about this important part of the reality.

That we all ar as one in the reality.

Because of what can people now otherwise think about aliens.........?

Good or negative thoughts, different from us?

Even though I feel I know that on other planets they have had the reality creating their life almost exactly the same way that we know we have had it here on earth, with the animal history that I understand has created our genes that we now have been created from.

And people from another planets that have come here know about this important fact of the reality, because by the reality we do not have enough energy to understand correct so we can get to other life on other planets. Until we all here ar living correct because we all know this fact about the reality, that I have now experienced.

And that first one of us here have to inform all here about this fact, before it is correct for them to get known by all here.

So all they want is to try help all as correct for all they can, with all they now correct can be in contact with here on our earth Tellus in the reality.


Because in the reality.

Every personal soul is energy, and we know energy can get erased, but that is only under a complicated process.

And that complicated process never automatically happen when somebody dies, so all energy also all personal energy here in the reality is always just automatically transforming here in the reality.

When the body can not keep living with that energy anymore, then that body will die. And that soul energy just transform out from that body in to the spirit world dimension, and then back when it can correct get back in to the next body that personal energy fits in.

Every soul, human or animal. I feel insects and also some animal may have too weak energy, so they may just get annihilated ore become part of some other weak energy?

Normally most humans have now so strong energy here on Tellus, that most people ar already almost living as correct for all they now understand they can. Because they ar following their feelings, and ar trying to live as correct they now feel like they should do.

Because our humanity earlier have made money, it is now easy'er for all to live.

And I yearn for when we all here know about this fact about the reality, and we all here then are living as correct we can, so we all here then will have a better life.

After I now got to know about this fact about the reality, I feel I can not live and enjoy in my life now until I have informed correct about this fact so all can get to know about this important fact about the reality for all in the reality.

And this web-site I have started is just a good way for this to start this correct for all to happen, so that this will then happen when it is the correct time for all to get to be proven this fact about the reality we all ar part of.

This I know that is the most important reason for why I now exist, so I am now really longing for this future. Because I do now also feel I know it is not possible for me to try to silently keep on living correct for my own life. That I feel is not possible, because I know we all ar as one.

I know I am just a part of all´s life, so I do what I know is correct for all of life.

I want to live as correct as possible for all, so I feel I have to do this correct for all of my life. So that is why I do now feel I cannot enjoy here in my own life, until I have informed all correct about this honest fact that I now know about our life here in the reality.

And I do thank all that has made life as good as it is, but all is first of all making how good their own life can be. Depending on how strong energy you have, is the strongest reason for how good you can feel.

With stronger soul energy, the more nerve threads you then have. So you then can feel better and automatically remember more, and more things can happen correct for all because of you also because your stingth is stronger.

So how to live as correct for all anyone can do, is to try to live as correct open to all of who they feel like and know what they can do some thing correct for. While being open and listen to other's and learn about what is correct, while trying to avoid wrong for anyone.

Although the reality is always this correct for all in the reality, some times things can still happen in a negative way that it was not suppose to do, so all we can do correct is to try to live as correct for all we can understand.

So GOOD LUCK! to all, trying to live as correct you can for us all here in life now on earth, in the reality.

And when we all then here ar living correct, and we all then are feeling OK.

Then it would be correct if we tried to help other people on other planets, because we then know that is how it is the correct way for all in how to be. For all in the reality. Like I feel it seem to have been someone that have done that here on our earth before, so that would explain why some good things could have happened just as it has.

They where probably then getting people to do correct without telling about them self, so that is why nobody knew any thing about why they knew what was correct for all to do? Or maybe they can have lied about why it is good for all, there are many Possibilities? Ore maybe told the truth, but in a strange way some how....?

Also because it is correct in different time for the hole humanity to go throe some extreme possibilities, depending on what most of all have experienced, so the humanity then by life in the reality have gotten to know this fact in our soul experience.

Like it now is time for all to get to know this fact about the reality that I have now experienced, so that is why I will now succeed to inform about this fact so all will know this because of the reality.

Try to never do wrong for anyone, if you can just walk away, so you stop your self from doing as wrong you know you feel like doing, & maybe you know you can..?

Because I know that some can have been forced to do bad, that can also have made them to feel like doing that bad thing in almost any strange situation, because their soul then just feel to act automatically like that, so they feel they ar forced wrong.

When they could have just walked away, whatever anyone say?

The best for all, is to do as good for all as possible!

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