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The traffic crash

This traffic crash the 14/9-1995 that I was in and experienced this fact about the reality that we all ar part of, that happened when I was working in Europe on the island country named Cyprus, and this was predicted to me when I then was in Australia 93 or 94 on my own backpack trip around our planet Tellus.

I did not think a prediction like that could be possible, so I did never believed that prediction could happen, as it then did just as predicted it will.

I only thought what they said was all just a lie to make me feel happy, so I did not think that I had to inform about about that anywhere, so I have only told a few friends about what I only thought could be a lie to me from the predictor then in Australia in Sidney in the Mardigra.

I mean they said I will inform all correct about fact about the reality, I just felt who can not see the reality, because I then thought wrong and I thought that the reality is only what we all can see.


And this is a picture of my body while it was unconscious, so it was then without the consciousness part of my own soul then in my body or head, my own soul was then only partly in my body, while the conscious part was outside of my then to broken head. And my mother is the one next to my body, on this picture above, when dad then took this picture for me to later have, because he knew about all my pictures I have from my life and that I will want that picture if I survive.


  • And the normal job my mother had when she was working was a district nurse, and she told me that although someone is unconscious the bodies still have the reflexes, after I asked her about why my hand was like that on this picture.

So that is why my body automatically is holding on in this picture to the thing that then got into my body's hand, that probably happened when they put or moved my body around in that bed while taking care of my body, so I was not holding on knowingly.

My own consciousness was then not in my own then too broken head.

That traffic crash happened in Europe on the country island Cyprus when I was driving a moped there on a Maine road, and a taxi drove up in front of me, so I crashed into that taxi.

Then he first just pulled my body out of his taxi, and then he just left my body in the ditch there, and just drove away.

Fortunately there were some witness, so the police were contacted and informed by them what had happened.

And they have told the police what had happened with the taxi car license nr, so then the police & later also ambulance came and helped me.

And the police have said I talked to them first when they came to me, and then later my body became unconscious, so they sent my body then to a hospital.


That taxi driver have been imprisoned in a Cyprus jail for 2 years, but I hope hes life is good for him, because he is now living correct with all, and for all.


My body was then unconscious there in Cyprus for the first 2 weeks after that crash, and then my personal knowledge part of my own soul energy could get back into my head again, when my body then still needed healing.

Because I was then paralyzed on my left side for 6 weeks.


They then took me in my body to a hospital in Sweden named Huddinge-sjukhus, when I first then was paralyzed on my left side for 6 weeks, and I lost then about 15 kilos of muscles all together after & because of that crash.

Because the traffic crash wounded my body biologically, so the time while my body was to biologically broken, then part of my own soul energy could not be in my body.

My soul = My own personal energy

While my body was to biologically damaged for my own knowledge part of my soul to be in my head on my body, then my body was unconscious for two weeks, while I then was outside of my body and I experienced this important fact about the reality we all ar in.

After that collision my parents were contacted so they came down to Cyprus to se me, because I was working there as a PADI diving instructor nr 71877 before that crash had happened, and my father then took this picture above for me to later have when they were there.

My mother was first then a little irritated, because she did not want a picture of me like that then.

Because she honestly felt then that she knew that I then could have died later, after that because of that crash.

So that could then have been the last picture of me when I was still alive, and that was not what she want to have.

I have said thank you to my father for having taken this picture, so I now have this picture of my body when it was unconscious, so I now can put it here in my quick-web so all can now be able to see it here in my quick-web site on page 3 just above this at:   

When I then was outside of my own then to broken head after this crash and experienced this fact about the reality, I also then experienced that this is how the reality automatically will inform and prove this to all correct for all, when the time is correct for this to happen correct for all.

And this is also how the reality now is proving itself to all through me, because I will then as well get all the energy myself as I have created correct for all, when I just inform all correct about the reality.

Because then I create energy correct for all, when I just inform all correct about the reality. And it does not matter if anyone does not believe me when I inform correct about the reality, because I have create the energy correct about the reality and correct for all. OK

Because this is how the reality is, whatever anyone believes.

And first now I feel some can do negative, as I think some will try to do against me, because they can think that if they will succeed with doing that negative against me, then they think that will prove to all I am just telling a lie about the reality.

When I have informed most of all about this fact, and I am then world famous.


I am trying to make nobody to do negative against anyone, and I know I have now started this as correct for all I know is best for all possible, all by my self.

Just like I feel the reality is to all what ever anyone wants.

So this time when I was outside of my body, that is what I now feel is the best time for me here in the reality.

Before I felt when I got to hear people talking about something this incredible good about the reality, I felt that was too good to be possible so I did not think it could be like this in the reality.
I did not believe the spirit part existed, I did just believe the reality is only what we all can see, but I have always felt it is correct to help other people in a good way.

So I just did what I felt like doing correct for all the people I was in contact with, and that is because of my own soul I now know, so that is why my life has been as good as it has wherever I have been.

But I do also feel I know that traffic crash was also the most biologically negative event for my own body in my life now, but my body was then able to go through it so I could get in to my body again, and I will again try to make my body as good I can do correct for all the rest of my own life here in the reality.


That is just in a good looking way as normal and correct I can now have my own body look in a
humane way, because I do not want to be big or look weird in any strange way.


And I guess we have to wait for something to get invented that will prevent the body from taking in all calories it can, from the food we eat, that I feel I know is possible and will happen in the reality.

So that someone will soon have created something that prevent people from getting overweight because we have a strong soul, that could somehow kill a person with a weak soul, so I guess doctor's will only be able to prescribe it to people after some test.


This is how the reality always is for all, and life can feel different depending on what your own soul energy can comprehend correct, independence of what anyone else ever could do and believe about anything.

And I feel we can almost all feel different, because we can only understand as much as we can, depending on how strong soul energy you have is a reason for what your own energy then can comprehend correct by yourself.

And we all in the reality are almost in the same situation here in life, because we all can only learn what our soul energy can go through here in the reality, but we all can listen and learn from others that have gone through things we all can not go through.

I know that my own soul's main and most important reason for existing, is to go through and learn what I have now gone through and I got to learn this fact about the reality, so I now can do this correct for all of humanity as correct open I now am to all I can be about all I now know.

And depending on what your own soul have done before is also a reason for what you now feel, but when you know about the reality just do as correct for all you know you can and you know nobody
will get hurt of what you do.

The reality is always the same.

And if some say they get hurt by you doing better for all then they could, then you are helping all correct making life as good as nobody else or they could.

If you can do better for all and still do not do better, then you would be hurting all and your self if you did not do what you know you can do correct better for all.

It is only the one that did not succeed to do as good you could do, that one can say you hurt them by helping all better then them, but you just opened that possibility correct and made life better for them as well.

I will always live as correct for all I can, while I am informing about this fact so all can correct get to know about this very important part about the reality.

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