This picture of my unconscious body, is of when I then was outside of my own then too broken head, after this predicted traffic crash that did happen the 14-09-1995 on Cyprus in the Mediterranean, when I was workings there because I got a job there as PADI diving instructor 71877.  
All I inform about is honest fact I know about the reality, with fact about my life & how I got to know about this fact I know about the reality we all are part of. Ok
My youtube 4 clips in a film with text, that is all-free 
for all to see at:
There I also have other films from my lovely life. Ok
& Check out our skiing film that we call
"Yea! Are 91", that is here under. Ok
After DailyMotion add, it's all-free for all to see at:
An interview that some people from a film-school made
to me in Swedish, it is all-free to see at:
Also with some thoughts from some people about me, just prove to all how they understand, ore not understand this fact.

It say the wrong date in the camera in the film from when my parents came to see me down-under in Australia. Because it had not been used for a long time so it lost the correct date, because it had no battery in that camera then, and it was not noticed bye me until in the end when we then where on our trip back to Sidney again after new-year`s eve to 1994. OK

From the creator and owner of:

I do not understand why nunames.nu is TERRORIZING all with doing nothing, when I am now trying to do my best as correct for all I can? It is so strange, that

no help from "http://www.nunames.nu/" to me, so all I have had in my quick-web in my web site was probably automatically erased now.

Ore possibly nunames.nu cannot do better for all now, that could be why they do not-yet do this as correct they could do, because they now work with getting their own web site as good they feel they can have their own web site to be for as many as possible to use it easily.  

And nunames.nu told me in some message, that I did not understand what ells I could do then to allow them to do what they wanted to do, so they then just automatically erased all of the quick-web I had.

So now I feel I have to be honest to all about this, so all can know why my web site now not is as complete as I have had my quick-web with information about my good life so far, with this important fact about how the reality we all are part of automatically always is. OK

I do not know.
But I feel shore they know...why?  

I have paid http://www.nunames.nu/ to have my site here, & they have still not told me anything about how ore what, ore I have not got that information because of something, if they have sent me any..?

And the money I feel I know they owe me, because I have not got any commission  money, as they told me I will get from all new customers I get them.

If anyone has maybe wanted to help me and started a web site with them to give me the commission Money, then ask them when they will give me that money.  
Because I have now not got any money from them yet, and I hope I get the interest on my commission money from them now holding my money, at least like if I had my money on my bank in Sweden at SkandiaBanken? And I have told them to what account they can send me my money, so I am waiting for my commission money. 
And all this information I know I had in my quick-web, this http://www.nunames.nu/ can probably say when they will let all see this fact again. Because I know they know what they can do, correct for all...?

I do not know exactly what they can do, and they can probably do much more here on the web then I know about. OK
I do not know, but it can be because somebody has paid them to not do, ore to do something.
Because that could be a reason for why they have not better contact with me then they do, and have helped me as correct they could have helped me to get my quick-web in to the new web site.
Because if they got money from someone then they can only say what they are allowed to say because of that contract, they could have....? Possibly?
I do not know!?
And this someone I think is as usual: amelia.se    __________________________________________________________________  
This text was on page 4 explaining, and is where I explain as clearly I feel I correct can about this honest fact I know
about the reality we all are part of. OK

The Reality automatically created all matter
here in the reality as one in The Big Bang!
That is why we all always are as 1 here in the reality.

All in the reality is from the only source that exist 
here in 
the reality, that is the reality it self, which is why everyone here in the reality automatically just create all of their own soul with what they do.

Everyone is energy in the soul, and when someone moves their body they then create energy in its own body, and all
 automatically strengthen their own soul when they do something correct for some other personal energy. 

So everyone earns all the energy automatically that they have created correct, unless they have created that energy against all some how.

Then it is just a way you might feel you want to do again, because your soul has done so before because of some thing.
So if some thing like that happen now, then you might get that feeling to do what your soul has done before. OK 
Do only what you know is correct for you to do now, then you run over the weaker wrong feeling, because you now strengthen your own soul when you do correct for all. OK

All personal energy = human or animal.

To earn energy correct, some other soul energy must correctly get help with something.

Then if you help someone to help more people correct, then you automatically also get strengthen by that as well with as much energy you then deserve because of that.
Because it could not have been as good for all if you had not helped correct with what you have. OK

The creator of that created energy get strengthened by that energy as well, as long as it is correct for all, then that energy has been created correct.

To never hurt anyone is what is best for all in how to be, still some people may believe that they get more money if they do something, they will not earn as much energy automatically because it is not as correct for all.
Something = I think could just be by telling a lie?
We are all as 1 in the reality, so we should help all the other people and other soul energy as correct we know we can, then we live as correct we can for our own life as well.

We all will have as good a life as we all can when we live as correctly for all other people we can, with as good for our own lives as well, because we are all different parts of the same life in the same reality.

And if you are a man or woman is a very little difference in a person's soul's energy, so that's why many may be in an opposite-sex in a human body.
And still feel like a man in a woman's body, or feels like a woman in a man's body.

Because of what your own soul energy has done before in earlier life, and depending on the sex of your soul has been. That
is the strongest reason for why you now feel what you feel, most people only have only been the same sex they are in now. 
Like me, I have only been in a male body.  

Fact, I understand:
When the vagina and anal stimulated, the vagina can then create nerve fibers to anal sex as well, and that is why many girls have started now to like sex in the anal as well.
And due to the more contact then to vagina nerve fibers in anal sex, is the reason for why they then can feel more sexual pleasure like that.

Men do not have a vagina, and that is why men cannot enjoy that same way and come, as girls can
 after having led their energy correct from the vagina to the anal.

And if the girl does not send her energy correctly there while trying to fondle the vagina and enjoy sex, then it normally does not feel better then how it would feel for a man to have something there.

And it also depends on how strong both souls are, how they both can feel more and make it feel better for the partner, in proves with a stronger soul. OK

A girl friend told me before that she felt nothing good in the anal at the beginning, after a while she started to like it more in the anal she told me.

Now I understand it was because first nerve fibers did not yet exist there, so that was why she could
not feel any of those good feelings in the beginning when her boyfriend then had sex in anal with her.
And that was before she had even met me. hen she told me about it, I did not understand how it could be true?
But I felt I knew she did not lie to me.

Before = Is the year before I was in this crash, when I first before I met her I did not think anyone could like it in anal sex like in porno, because I did not understand how that sex could feel good in anal sex for the girl.

I just thought it could feel better for men because the tighter contact in anal, even before I had done it my self.
So that was then why I did not even want to put my dick in her anal, because I did not think it could feel good for girls.

Until after a girl friend wanted me to put my dick in her anal, and 
then I really felt my girl friend liked it there, I did still not understand how it could feel good for her. 
It is not so far after this traffic crash the 14/9-1995 that I've begun to understand both how & why any girl can like that? OK
And it is important she wants to like that, otherwise her soul could not enjoy it like that. It depends on her own soul, if her mind is open for it.

No human soul can ever have been anything other than a human body, that is because we have a lot of energy in our soul that no other than a human body can have.
But I know people that have had a life earlier that has thought so, can easily keep thinking it has been that animal before, because that soul energy keep on flowing the way that soul energy keep on flowing. OK
Animals do not do not know, they just follow only its own instinct.
That o
wn instinct is its own personal soul energy, and that's where the feeling comes from. Because animals may also have a soul from a previous lived life, which that personal animal soul has experience from?

The reality is here in reality as it automatically always is for all soul energy.
If anyone ever think at all? It never matter what anyone thinks?
We all have different value in life depending on what we can understand and then do, because it really depends on what we do right for all.

What matters if we make the right ore if we do something ells, o
ur emotions come from what the soul has done in this life now, and also in earlier life's.
Animals can automatically want to help (after having done correct) because of their energy, and if they have a weak soul energy does not matter if they understand anything about why?
So they
 typically now have little value outside of becoming good healthy food, and we need to treat them properly and not give them pain.  
Animals also have a soul, and the nature in the reality is the creator of all life, in reality all end up as correct it can automatically do with what we do here in the reality?
Even animals live as they usually just create the energy the way they feel, because of what they've done in the past, and are usually only help there partner. = Instinct
Or they can correct help someone because we have thought them to do correct, help someone with something. (Maybe blind?) And they keep help correct because it feels right for them to help, in the beginning they have a weaker soul energy, so that they can then more easily become distracted and make errors.

They normally mainly want to eat to survive, because they know it feels good.
To work correct for the money is the best way for all to live as correct we can in a civilized way, because most of us all are now working correctly for all due to money.
This is also why people earlier here on Earth have made money, it automatically felt correct by the reality.

And most of us live as proper like we can understand we can, also because we feel like it. = Our soul is automatically tries to lead us to make more energy correctly.

If we have created and earned this energy correct is also why this is correct because we also then made our soul stronger.
This is why life usually is good for everyone now.
But everyone does not yet know about this important fact about the reality, this I now know I am and will as long I exist correct stand and inform all here on our earth about this fact.

Because I know life will be better for all later, when we all try to make life so good for all that life can be for everyone.

And nobody hurt anyone deliberately, and everyone helps everyone as correctly as we know we can. 
Money has never been bad, because money most people are now working for money, when we create the energy correct while we then also urn money the correct way.
So when people have saved so much money, they can help many others with some of this, and then make their life better because they have power of money.
Now if you give people money, then they might make a mistake with that power and do wrong, try to help as correct as you can without giving them the power they could do wrong with.

Follow your to do correct for all feeling.

When you are trying to do what I feel is correct for everyone.
I know that good helping organizations is safer to give money to, because they know how to do it correct & help people. Make sure it is a GOOD helping organization before you give them money, because that's how some criminals may try to fool people to give them money, so they get the money.
I feel if the Government knows if they help correct, then I know I could trust them if the government know them helping many correct.
The Government work for all of us, they never want to hurt any of us all, they just want to make it as correct they can for everyone.  
But the Government can also get fooled; so we should all help the Government to know and do correct for everyone.

Crime will always hurt us all, so we now have to get the police to work against some of our self. =
The criminals.
For as long as some want to make a mistake and oppress anyone, w
e have to have the police to try to prevent them making any thing that hurt anyone of all of us.

The police should not have to do against someone, we all should help all as correct we can for all, so that the police just can help all correct with errors and accidents.

The reality is always same for all whatever anyone know what everyone is doing and think they know about reality.
How we all started was that we only then led by our instincts, so most people automatically when the reality then often did correct.
This was a long LONG time ago on our earth, where nature has created life on our planet Tellus.
Like this life automatically is by nature in reality.
Then when we had created so much energy to properly our own energy = "soul" came to understand that we were.
Then we began to follow our emotions, and after a long time we started making money so we all can live correct for all.

Important of all is that no one will get hurt by what is being done, it is very important for all people to live correct when you correct help some personal soul energy.
Then you automatically earn the energy you have created correct, so you get a stronger soul energy.
So you can do more and feel more, and have a better life.
Criminals I feel the only right you can do for them is to put them in prison, so that the soul does not harm anyone.

And we're going then to try to teach them to live properly for the best future for all. We are all as one in this life in the reality because all matter here was in fact, automatically created as one in the reality.
In the beginning of time, as we know it, in what we call
The Big Bang!

Before "The Big Bang!" there's nothing, so nothing can change in time.
That's why the time before "The Big Bang!" did not exist as far as we know it, for there is nothing that we know of that could tell the time.
I know the reality then automatically must have then built up tension because of the time, which burst when it came to the limit and then created this "Big Bang!"
That created all the matter we have all have been created from and are part of. 

Outside of that, we don't know what's there. I feel
 I know nothing is the only thing that could really have the power that could begin The Big Bang! It's only thing I feel is logical in the reality, that nothing want something, so it draws for anything to fill the empty space.
Where nothing is, the emptiness has no resistance, so that's why it's always pulling for anything to fill the emptiness.
(Like a vacuum.) 
Of course here between the matter where we are, that nothing is not pulling because the gravity force is here, that nothing still is pulling for, so it came to.
To start The Big Bang!
That still is going out in to nothing, in to the empty space. 

I know the reality is always the same from the time of nothing, then it only have just automatically just burst in to "The Big Bang! ' that leveled out the tension from nothing in to all matter in this reality.
Because the reality just automatic even itself out, as correctly it can level out automatically.
Human life is on several planets across the universe, and whether they have come here to our TELLUS then they are not going to let everyone here know about them when they come here, until we all here know this important fact.  
That we all know we all are as one in the reality.
What people can now otherwise think about Aliens?
Good or negative thoughts, most probably think aliens are different from us?
(Without knowing this fact about how  the reality always is for all whatever.) 
I know around other stars on planets the reality has created their lives almost exactly the same way we know, we on our planet have been created.

If people from other planets com to our Earth we call TELLUS, they know about this important honest fact about the reality, because I understand it is because we all don't yet know about this fact is that is the reason for why we have not yet got in touch with life on other planets. *

Until we all here are living correctly on this earth, because we all know this fact about this important honest fact of reality that will prove to everyone with a single soul. OK  

My soul has been created by the reality to do this correctly for everyone, so I am doing as correct for all I can, and I will always live as correct as far as I know is possible for me to correct for all.

And people that have come from other planets, they would know that one of us here must first inform everyone here about this fact, before it is correct for them to get known bye all here on our planet. OK

That is why I experienced this so I will succeed in informing all right in time for everyone to get to know this fact.

I have no choice about this fact, I just know this fact, so I can only inform as correct I can about this fact.

All personal soul is energy, and we know energy can only be removed under a complicated process that must provide some Remaining.

That complicated process
never automatically happen when someone die, all the energy is also personal energy here the reality is always automatically transforming in the reality.
When someone can't continue living in their bodies longer with soul energy, as their body will die.

The soul energy just transform out of this body to the spirit world dimension, & then when it correctly can get into the reality, it will be in another body that soul energy fits in, human or animal, and they do not fit into each other. I know some insects and animals can have weak soul energy, so it can only be destroyed or become a part of some other energy

And it can only influence and make a difference there might something?
Humanity now has so much energy on the planet TELLUS that most people already nearly live as proper for all they understand that they can.

Because they follow their emotions, and are trying to live as they correctly feel they should do. M
oney is available and because it is proper to live right for everyone, which is why it is now easy for anyone Even to live with throughout their lives.
And I crave for when we all here know about this fact about the reality.
And we all live as correct as we can, so all of us here will have a better life.

After I got to know this fact about the reality, I now know I can't live & Indulge in my part of life, until I have helped all correct with information about this fact, so all will know about this important fact about the reality we all are part of.

This is the most important reason for why my own soul energy now exists; that is why I am yearning for this to happen.
And it I
s also the reason for me knowing it is not possible for me to quietly keep on living properly for my own life.
That I know is not possible, because I know we are all as one.
And I am just a part of everything, so I know this is right for everyone to get to know this now, so i
t is the only thing I know is right for me to do now.
I want to live properly and as correct for everyone I can, so I feel I have to do this correctly for my entire life, that's why I do not know how to enjoy in life until I have informed all correctly about this important fact I know about reality.

And I have no choice, this is just a fact I know about reality and how I feel and why I now know I feel this way.
I can only explain about this fact that I now know so everyone can get to know this fact.
I would like to thank everyone who has made life as good as it is, everyone is always in the first place do how well their own life can be.

Depending on how strong the soul you have is the cause of how good you can feel. With the stronger soul energy, the more nerve fibers you can have. So you can feel better and remember more and more things can happen without mistake correct all because of you.

This fact, I understand:
With a stronger soul you automatically have better luck, so you then win is proper with all, and  then also make your own life better.
So how to live as correct for all anyone can do is try to live life proper open to all with respect of they are and know what they can do correct.

While you are about to open and learn about what is right for you to do, while you also always are trying to avoid wrong for anyone.
The Reality is always this way for all in the reality, something can still happen wrong in a way it was not supposed to, the only thing we can do to try to live as correct for all we can.
So GOOD LUCK! to all of life, the life that You can live correct for all of life here in the reality now on our earth TELLUS.

And when we all live right here, and then we all feel OK.
Then it will be correct if we are trying to help life on other planets, because we know that that's how it is for everyone in how to be.
For all in the reality, also for us here on our own Earth that we call Tellus.
& Find planets where dinosaurs still live, and then send a few large comet to make life start to create smart life, like I feel is possible can have happened on our soil too.
I know it seems to have been people here on our Earth from other smart communities that helped people here, because some societies that have flourished, which would explain why some good things could have happened so right for them before.

Then because the clever people behind them, then some began to live not accurate, as these societies then broke apart and became ruins.

They probably first got people to do right without telling you about them myself, that's why no one knew anything about why what is right for everyone?
Or maybe they may have lied about why it is good for everyone, there are many possibilities ?
The society may have flourished because they lived correct, & ended up not living correct so it broke apart all by them self in the real world.  

It is proper time for all humanity go through some extreme possibilities, depending what most of all have experienced, out of all of the humanity.

Like it is time for everyone to know this important fact about reality, so I will manage to inform all correct about this fact so everyone will know this fact when it is the right time for everyone to know this fact, the reality is then automatically proving itself to all with my soul. OK

My quick-web text just got erased? And nunames.nu say what to all, ask them why? Because I feel they must have been paid to do nothing, is only reason I can understand could be why they did what they have? Nothing to me.

Because this news-paper at amelia.se is terrorizing all as much she can, so she can probably not now and never have a good life after this has happened, just as a suicide person and only get that feeling to be as bad against all again.
"Whatever and whenever they might think?"
They can only start doing correct for all to get a stronger soul, and then from having done that correct for all then start feeling better with all. OK
I tried to get them to help all correct, but they did not, and all I can do is to keep being honest to all as I am.

Why she can think it is correct for her to keep on doing nothing is strange, to think it is correct for any news-paper to do that, I cannot help her?
She could just have told some other news-paper to do this correct, but then she instead said to many other newspapers something wrong about me, ore something about me to prevent me help all correct?

Honest fact about the reality we all are part of, is mainly
what I really only want to inform all correct about. OK

With my Facebook is at:

And my Twitter is at:

And I want and I hope www.nunames.nu will put in all of my pictures with text back from my last quick-web as soon they correct can in to my new quick-web, because that is when I will have all of this information will be back here in my web site. I thought they would help me with doing that correct for all, because that I thought they would help all their customers with when they make changes in their own web site.

Ask them when that is, if you want to know when that is. OK
They have not told me anything, so I will see if & when that is

I keep playing in www.pogo.com to improve or at least keep my English spelling, so many words, and I know many of them..but not all I keep notice. And wonder what is that?
And learn, in Dictionaries, also on the web at: www.tyda.se  
I feel that is a good place for me to use.
And I can also spell wrong by mistake, as you also can have noticed.

That is also why I feel I want www.nunames.nu to put back all pictures with explaining text, and this fact text information about the reality all are part of information I had here. OK

Also because I do not know all how their new web site work, ore what can be done, before they have sent me information about how and what can be done in their new web site. OK

I have tried to put in this text now as correct I now can, with just by doing what I now think I can understand with my links and what I now can comprehend by myself. OK

From the creator and owner of: