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Here ar  Ways to Contact.

Here above in blue and also on the bottom of this page in white, is where
all can go and click to go to other pages here in my quick-web now. Ok


And I think that I first started
  this facebook here under in text, and then after that I have by mistake also somehowe started this other facebook.

That one is here under in a white " f " dot, and I have for a long time thought I only had one facebook, now I feel it seems to be like 2, ore more....?

My    TWITTER    and   _FACEBOOK_ and   _INSTAGRAM_ and _YOUTUBE_ ar here under this, just to click on to get there.




In Stockholm Sweden is where I have lived most of my life so far. OK

This here under is a message all can use, that also I send to inform as many I feel I correct can inform about this fact. OK

Hello to all here.

This traffic crash I was in the 14-9-1995, when I was in Europe
on Cyprus in the Mediterranean, and after that crash when my body then was unconscious when I then was outside of my own then to broken head and experienced this honest fact about the reality, when I first only had got my New job there so I was there to work as a PADI Diving & MFA-instructor 71877.

And here under is a message I now send to
as many I can, so I may have already
sent this to you, ore a message like it.

If so, I am sorry.

I do not have any register over who I have
ontacted, because I feel I have to follow my feeling of what I feel I know is honestly correct for me to do for all "as I also have promised to do, when I was outside of my own then to broken head" and try to contact as many I feel I correct can contact and inform about this fact about the reality that we all ar part of.

So good luck to all living as correct you
feel you correct can for all of life. OK

Our skiing film that we call "Yea! Åre 91", was for a while all free for all to see there in: dailymotion But I think it was because I have no stim for the music was what blocked it, I am sorry! As soon I have money to do that, I will pay for it. Ok

Now here I found this ski film, that I think all can open in YouTube with a little other YouTube music, in start of this film at:  youtu.be/pk0mmDN1kbk

My own web-site is all free for all to see  
at: http://www.dennisinthereality.nu/  


This here over is a message to send to inform many about this fact. OK