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Aliens know.

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Because I now know this fact about the reality.

I am sorry I know this sound as strange I think the reality can sound, because I say this fact about people from other planets.

But I feel it feel so logical now when I know this fact about our reality, that I have to say this because this can also be a good way for all to then also get to know this fact. Ore it might be when I inform all this fact, that they then also come and say that I am informing correct about this fact about the reality.

So most of all understand that they ar no threat what so ever, they just want to help because they also know that we all here in the reality ar as one by the reality.

When we all here on our earth Tellus, then know that we all ar as one in the reality, then I feel it will be safer for aliens to help us.

Before in our history her on our earth the aliens have probably tried to help our society in different ways as correct they then could, without then informing about them self.

That is because aliens ar just normal people here in the reality, but they ar extra well educated people with spirit contact that have come here from other planets, that want to live as correct they can for all of life. Ok

Because before we know about this fact about the reality, people probably think Aliens ar dangerous ore strange, but I know they only want to help as correct they can because they also know about this fact about the reality that we all ar in and ar part of.

We all in the reality ar as one by the reality. Ok

What ever anyone think, that is how the reality is anywhere in the reality. Ok